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I am a freelance writer who does both Commercial and Content writing. Personal Essays, Lifestyle and Women Issues, Parenting, are the key areas I write about.

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I need to remarry for myself, not for my son

Divorced and with a young son her sole responsibility, Jaibala has been reconsidering how she approaches possible future relationships

Jaibala article

Spare My Child Your Fair & Lovely Obsession | Sesame Street India Exchange

Spare My Child Your Fair & Lovely Obsession | Sesam...

Why I Am Happy That I Failed To Save My Marriage

Why I Am Happy That I Failed To Save My Marriage

No, A Single Parent Isn't Mom And Dad Rolled Into One

No, A Single Parent Isn't Mom And Dad Rolled Into One

Times of India

8 Things Parents Want Their Kids to Remember

There are so many things that parents want to tell and teach their kids. Some may come as life lessons and these are what your kids should remember.

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Fairness Isn't Even A Quality, Then Why Do We Make It One?

Being a dark kid who liked to play outside in the sun, my skin colour was always the concern for people around me. Cream recommendations and makeup tips were a part of any gathering I attended. I need to state here that I have never applied makeup in my life....

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Dear Son, There Are 8 Things I Never Want You To Forget

Dear S, There are just so many things I want to tell you, and teach you. Some may come as life lessons, some lessons you may never need to learn. But there are a few that you must absolutely remember. Those - the ones I think are important - I...

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Confessions Of A Divorced Single Mother

If you are a woman, your life is continuously under some sort of a scanner. A mother's every move is viewed in HD. To this you add the fact that you are a divorced single mother, and every person thinks they have the right to examine your life with a...

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Women's Web

The Legacy Of A Grandmother: A Granddaughter Remembers

In this reflective piece a granddaughter fondly recollects the legacy of a grandmother. The women who was ahead of her time and forged ahead to fight against what was offered to her. A story of courage and determination....

Women's Web

Failure: The Best Thing That Happened to me

A young woman talks about how her failure in marriage brought her to a better space, and how it opened her eyes to new things in life.

Women's Web

Remember These Lessons, My Dear Son!

A parent has so many things to share with a child, it's hard to keep count. Here is a letter to a son, with some of the most important lessons to remember in life.

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Sydney & Peshawar: The Lessons I Teach My Son Of Love Vs Hate

Two incidents in a span of just two days; Sydney & Peshawar leave all thoughtful parents with some hard questions to answer for their children.

Lessons Learned from Being Divorced

Jaibala Rao, Author at Lessons Learned from Indians...

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The Next Time You Decide To Tell A Woman She Asked For It [Short Story]

The next time you decide that a woman must have "done something" to be harassed or abused in any way - think again. The truth is that no woman asks for suffering.

Women's Web

A Happy Ending [Short Story]

Everyone loves a happy ending. But at the end of the day, it's you who choose how your happy ending is going to be, as Sudha did in this story.